What is this site?

Washington State Parks Coastal Tour allows you to view panoramic scenes from the shorelines of Washington State parks on Puget Sound. You have the option to just tour the parks or take part in a survey, which asks you to rate their attractiveness.

What can I do at this site?

You tour the parks using interactive maps that guide you to panoramic images. When you create an account, you can take part in the survey and evaluate the scenes. Also, you can describe things that you find attractive and unattractive about the views. It's easy and should only take about 2 minutes per panorama. If you need help learning how to use the site, click on the 'help' menu on the left sidebar.

Why participate in the survey?

The survey is a research project developed by the Center for Spatial Information at Central Washington University. By participating in this survey you can express your opinions regarding aesthetic qualities of Washington shorelines. The results will help develop data that can aid resource managers in creating management plans, which protect and enhance important aesthetic resources on Washington State’s shorelines. Your responses will also help the Center for Spatial Information to develop and refine techniques for assessing aesthetic resources.

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